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Expert seeks solution to Nigeria’s tech challenges

The Managing Director, Avancee Pinnacle Ltd, Tolu Oluyemi, has said that Nigeria’s problem is as a result of lack of adaptation to technology.

Oluyemi said many still depend on manual processes which give room for leakages in the system such as corruption.

He observed that the health system of the country had collapsed and was in a dilapidated state, despite government’s invested funds because hospital protocols were not automated, leaving room for leakages of funds.

Oluyemi, who was a guest speaker and co-sponsor of a programme organised by the Teen Upskilling Foundation tagged ‘Teens, technology and tapping potentials in 2022’, in Ikeja, Lagos said this.

The Founder, Ibrahim Idowu, in his welcome address said that TUF nurtures teens in all aspects by providing them with the necessary tools they need to become mentally, physically, emotionally intelligent, independent and self-sufficient.

“The foundation successfully hosted the maiden edition enlightenment forum version 1.0 in 2021 and will also address the issue of anxiety and depression among the teens in version 2.0 this year,” he said.

Oluyemi, leader of PayOne product with revenue assurance platform that manages payment collection and settlement of hospitals automated in Nigeria, sought investing early in Nigerian students to be part of problem solvers of Nigeria’s problem by leveraging technology.

He said, “We chose the event to hold today being October 1, the 62nd anniversary of Nigeria, to make the student understand that as the leaders of tomorrow, they are not too young to tackle the problem in the country and impact knowledge in them as early in life as possible so they can leverage on software development.

“China, Japan and other Asian countries engage their kids in secondary school to leverage software development, building electronics to solve problems. We need to inspire our future giant in order to be problem solvers with technology.”

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