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How Bitcoin technology will change future business  | The Guardian Nigeria News

Bitcoin and its underlying technology can take businesses into the untapped regions of the world. Today, media headlines highlight blockchain technology and investments around it. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have dominated the news headlines due to their remarkable performance over the years. Despite being highly volatile, Bitcoin has continued to increase its value.

Currently, entrepreneurs and business leaders have a growing consensus regarding the future of Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Ideally, most entrepreneurs and business leaders believe that blockchain technology will have more applications apart from cryptocurrencies. This technology could revolutionize every aspect of modern businesses, from operations to accounting, and the evidence of this revolution is already here.

What is Bitcoin Technology?

Blockchain is the technology that underlies Bitcoin. It’s a list of entries or an electronically distributed ledger. Perhaps, you can think about it as a stock ledger with different participants maintaining it through a computer network.

This technology uses cryptography to verify and process transactions on this digital ledger. Coding and encryption improve efficiency, trust, and transparency in information sharing. These traits of Bitcoin’s underlying technology have prompted innovative business leaders and companies to rethink their strategies in the current digital age.

Bitcoin Adoption

There’s no denying that Bitcoin adoption is rapidly increasing globally. People sign up on platforms like TraderMate to start purchasing and trading this virtual currency. Ideally, these digital platforms allow users to buy Bitcoin with fiat money. But the continued adoption of this cryptocurrency is also causing widespread use of its underlying technology. Today, businesses and companies of varying sizes are looking for ways to benefit from Bitcoin and blockchain.

While everyday consumers find cryptocurrency trading tricky, innovative businesses incorporate them into their daily activities. For instance, some companies are already taking Bitcoin payments. Others are paying foreign suppliers with this cryptocurrency. Perhaps, that’s because Bitcoin transactions are faster, irreversible, and cheaper.

Identity Protection

A primary reason for the increasing Bitcoin adoption is its ability to protect the real-life identities of users. Today, people use authentication questions and passwords to prove who they are online. But Bitcoin’s technology could replace the current system with a safe, easy to manage, and secure digital identity.

A random and unique set of letters and numbers provides your digital identity rather than recalling arbitrary information that somebody can steal or guess. And the blockchain network assigns every user this identity.

Thus, nobody can change or hack your digital identity without the private key that the network assigns you. Thus, blockchain could be more reliable than the current system. Therefore, it’s not surprising that more institutions are looking for ways to implement Bitcoin’s underlying technology in their systems and operations.

Better Accounting

Blockchain technology can manage most accounting tasks. This technology creates a public, transparent ledger with all Bitcoin transaction details. That means Bitcoin’s underlying technology could decrease auditors’ work by validating transactions. Ideally, all people in Bitcoin’s blockchain network can quickly check all Bitcoin transactions.

That means auditors could eventually focus on investigating anomalies and controls. However, CPAs could also use this technology to expand assurance services to sustainability, cybersecurity, and other areas.

Some people argue that blockchain technology can disrupt the global lottery market by providing confidentiality and anonymity to providers and participants. It could also reduce manipulation and fraud potential.

Parting Shot

Blockchain technology feels like Silicon Valley back in the 1990s for evangelists and early adopters. Ideally, this technology has similar potential with the internet back in the day. Only the human imagination can limit the potential of this technology. Nevertheless, visionaries and entrepreneurs are looking for ways to use this technology to change how they do business.

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