How To Use The Save For Later Post Feature

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Sometimes you may want to revisit an old article you have read on Info Dig for example an article containing important information that you need and you find out that the article has 'dissappeared'. 

Yes, News and information posted on Info Dig dissappears 24 hours after the time of posting them, this is because we display thousands of news daily on our platform in order to keep our users updated regularly on the latest news and information. 

To solve the issue of not being able to access old content after they have dissappeared, we have implemented a feature known as 'Save for later'. Which enables you to download and save any post from Info Dig to your device that you find interesting, or maybe you want to save the information contained within it for later use. 

How To Use The Save For Later Feature

When reading a post, in the post meta area just below the title, you will find the save for later option among others such as post source icon, time of posting (take note of the time because it determines how much time is left before the post disappears) etc. 

See image below:

  • To save the post, click on the disk icon circled in the image above, this will download the post page as a file to your device for offline viewing. This file comes in small size and can be opened with any browser. 
  • To view the saved post even after a long period of time, just locate the downloaded file and open it with any mobile or desktop browser, it will display an exact copy of the page like when you first viewed it on Info Dig. 

Notice the highlighted areas in the above image. First the URL area which shows that the page is accessed from a location in the media of your device and secondly the save for later button is greyed out with the word 'Saved' indicating that it is viewed from the saved file. 

You can share this saved file to your family and friends and they can also view the information by opening it with any web browser application. 

Also remember to interact with posts by using the reaction buttons and share button to share on social media. 

Hope this post was helpful? 

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