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Technology the only way forward,says Ihesiul – The Sun Nigeria

From Charity Nwakaudu, Abuja

A 22 year old technician and founder,CEO of Lognetics, Light Ihesiulo has said that technology is the solution for the present situation ravaging the country.

Ihesiulo stated this in an interactive session with journalists in Abuja yesterday.

He stressed that building a teachable team is very important for the growth of the nation.

”  My love for innovative science started from a young age. Growing up , I was very crafty with his hands, build architectural prototypes with cardboard papers, recycle unused toys, and fix broken things.

Talking about himself,he said went into programming learning, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, WordPress. All these skills paid well, as he mastered them.

He decided to learn a few design software starting with photoshop, and now, he presently has over 25 advanced design software mastered. He said all of these have helped him possess the perfect visual ability to blend creative style into digital and virtual Identity.

He explained how he feels about learning saying “I am addicted to knowledge”. He aims at creating a disruptive system that will revolt against the norm while building a better atmosphere for all kinds of businesses.

Doing so much and having a hard time taking all kinds of jobs by himself, he decided to contract a few of these jobs to friends, and this created a transition from being a design agency that was personal to a branding agency that offered a few services, and now a tech company that offers a lot more from services to products. It is pretty amazing how he has been able to manage the company through its transitions and still scale up the business.

They have a team of experts that work every day with innovative tools. As they believe it is their responsibility to ‘update and control the information overload. The company has about 30 staff including its executives and team leads. He stated in a recent interview,” Building a teachable team is very important”. With this, we can understand how he’s been able to manage not just his business but the team also.

With all He has been able to put in place at a very young age, we can only root for him and wish him the best.

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