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Welcome to Our Community Spotlight

At Info Dig Nigeria, we believe in celebrating our vibrant community of readers and contributors who inspire us every day. Our Community Spotlight is a special section dedicated to showcasing the incredible stories, achievements, and contributions of individuals like you. This is your opportunity to shine and share your experiences with our wider audience.

Purpose of the Community Spotlight:

The Community Spotlight aims to:

Celebrate You: Highlight the diverse talents, stories, and achievements within our community.

Inspire Others: Share inspiring stories that motivate and encourage others.

Build Community: Foster a sense of belonging and connection among our readers.

How to Participate:

We invite you to share your story or contribution with us! Whether you have a personal journey, a project you're proud of, book or insights to share related to National development, we want to hear from you.

Submission Guidelines:

Content: Your submission should be original and relevant to our theme which is to motivate and inspire each other. 

Format: We accept written stories, personal essays, interviews, extract from books or any creative format that best showcases your contribution.

Length: Keep your submission concise and engaging, typically between 300-800 words.

How It Works:

Submit: Fill out the submission form below or email us at infodigng [at] with your story or contribution.

Review: Our editorial team will review all submissions and select stories that align with our blog's values and interests.

Feature: If your submission is selected, we'll feature it in our Community Spotlight section, along with a brief bio and link to your social media or website (if applicable).

Get Involved:

Join us in celebrating the incredible individuals who make our community vibrant and diverse. Share your story, inspire others, and be a part of our Community Spotlight!

Ready to share your story? Submit your contribution via infodigng [at] now. 

Thank you for being a valued member of our community!